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Gary Mazeffa,


Gary is the owner of Q2 Films LLC and is the producer of White Clouds.  Gary is currently working on his next short "The Last Prayer."  Gary currently resides in Naples, FL

Paul Curtis, Cinematographer

Paul was the producer and cinematographer for Seasons.  He currently resides in Zionsville and is probably looking for another project.

Andrew Barrie,


Andrew was the writer and director of Seasons.  He currently resides in Naples with his wife Kathryn.  Andrew loves filmmaking and is looking forward to  competing in this year's festival circuit. 



"Wet Your Pants" Comedy Film Festival


Remembering Erik Lowhouse won Audience Choice at the 2013 "Wet Your Pants" Comedy Film Festival

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival


Seasons won Best Student Film at the 2017 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

Miami Independent Film Festival


White Clouds was selected for the monthly edition of the Miami Independent Film Festival

Hollywood Florida Film Festival 


White Clouds was one of the 30 films selected for the 2018 Hollywood Florida Film Festival 


Hollywood Screenings Film Festival


White Clouds was selected as a Semi-Finalist to the 2018 Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

Boynton Beach Short Film Festival


White Clouds was selected to screen at the 2018 Boynton Beach Short Film Festival

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